Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles

Complete Mobile Video Systems for Fire Trucks, Ambulance, and All EMS Vehicles

The use of mobile video in fire trucks and other emergency vehicles provides a wide range of benefits from documenting accidents to providing training videos. EMS vehicles transporting the severely injured often are traveling at high speeds rolling code 3. The benefit of recording the progress of the EMS vehicle as it navigates through intersections and vehicles can provide the evidence in case of an accident, and can reduce litigation expense while exonerating the EMS personnel operating the vehicle.

MVS systems also provide audio and video recording of what is taking place both in the front of the vehicle where the driver is seated as well as in the back of the vehicle where the patient is being triaged. Each system is custom designed to meet your department’s needs.

Our cameras housings are made of heavy gage metal fully water proof and tested to IP66 specifications. Our mobile DVR’s are fully solid state, manufactured in the United States and are backed by a full 3-year factory warranty.

MVS systems offer GPS tracking for immediately locating vehicles. The GPS Tracking provides a map function that tracks the vehicle as it is moving and is user programmable to set speed and mark an event should the vehicle exceed the pre-programmed speed setting. The accelerometer function provides user-programmable functions that can be pre-set for excessive braking, turning, acceleration or impact and mark the event.

When an event occurs the digital recorder will mark the time and date of the event so it can be easily located and viewed with our proprietary software that overlays the GPS and Accelerometer data on the screen as well as a street map showing the location of the vehicle when the event occurred. This information can be viewed real time from the vehicle’s base of operation and either the entire tour of duty or only the events can be automatically downloaded from the vehicle when the vehicle returns after the shift is over (wireless download is at an additional cost).

All of our systems provide clear audio recording of all conversation inside the vehicle. We also provide a wireless body worn microphone that can transmit audio from over 2,000 feet from the vehicle.

Here’s actual footage of the SSD4 system in an ambulance. To view this and other videos on this site please request access by filling out the form in the right sidebar. It may be up to 24 hours before access is granted.

Ambulance crash

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